Transcription Software For Increased Productivity

By Mike Smith Faraone

Transcription software actually goes back many years and people may be surprised to know that it predates the Internet. It was originally developed as an aide to the manufacturing process but because of its effectiveness it has been found to be useful in a number of other applications.

One of the more predominant areas where transcription software is used is in the medical profession. In days past, medical professionals would write client information in a handwritten note. This note was then added to the patient’s file. The result was a physically imposing amount of files that were full of handwritten notes that may or may not have been difficult to read. Fast forward a few years and the same medical professionals are using recorded voice technology to make their notes. A medical transcriptionist would then transcribe the information into written form.

Today, the latest technology to be used in this field is speech recognition technology. This software has the ability to take the spoken word and automatically transcribe it into text. Some people may be concerned that the jobs of medical transcriptionists could be in jeopardy but this is not the case. Similar to advancements like the electric typewriter, transcription software will only serve to increase the productivity of these workers. The companies that successfully utilize transcription software will be the ones to become more profitable and sustain themselves in the long run.

Somebody working in medical transcription will still need to have the same skill set that they always have; they need to be familiar with the medical terms that will be used by medical professionals will provide the reports to be transcribed. They will continue to need to have strong typing skills and computer literacy. This may perhaps be even more the case that was in the past because of the tools that are being used.

Transcription software has come a long way, but there is still a need for a set of human eyes to oversee the end product. When a medical professional provides a voice sample there may be mispronunciations, words that are omitted or difficult for the software to comprehend. There will always be a need to have somebody ensure that the final text is something that can be understood.

When it comes to converting the spoken word in an audio file to text, it is important that the turnaround be as quick as possible. The text will need to be inserted back into the patient’s file so that when a physician or other medical professional is reviewing the file they will have the most up to date information. The transcription software will allow the transcriptionist to get the information to the necessary place in short order. The fact that the information has been converted to text will allow it to be searched easily. It also means that the storage space required for patients’ files will be considerably smaller than it has been in the past.

Transcription software offers the medical profession the ability to have more complete and concise patient files, and it will allow companies that provide transcription to be more efficient and profitable. It will make the job of a transcriptionist much easier.

Transcription software has caused a huge increase in the productivity of transcriptionists. Many companies can benefit from transcription software and overlooking a good transcription software program could mean getting outpaced in the industry.

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