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Medical Transcription Service: Choose a Specialization

Perhaps one of the most successful, biggest, and most common transcription services is medical transcription service. An excellent explanation for this is the growth of the health care industry. For the past few years, more people find themselves in health care facilities, needing either outpatient or in-patient services or even both. They keep the doctors and other health care professionals extremely busy they no longer have the time to take care of menial tasks such as transcriptions of audio files.

But even the medical transcription service options are subdivided into different categories. After all, the health care field is extremely huge. The list we have is very limited, but they are the more typical ones you encounter (if you can’t find the medical transcription service you need in here, it’s best if you can ask your chosen provider):

Orthopedics: This is has something to do with the bones. A medical transcription service offering such should be composed of students who specialize in orthopedics. You may even coordinate with doctors who work as part-time transcriptionists. The main challenge in here is to know and understand the complex terms associated with their branch of science. Just to give you an idea of the dilemma, there are more than a hundred bones in the body.

Surgical: This medical transcription service covers all types of surgeries, including plastic surgery and general surgery. It is so important that the provider you’re working with can turn over the files the soonest time possible, preferably within hours after the audio has been given to them. This is because a lot of things can happen during and after surgeries. The transcripts may help you discover potential issues that may arise, such as possible internal bleeding or infection. You also need the transcripts to complement your reports and diagnoses. It would be difficult for you to give patients the right treatment, diagnosis, and prognosis without the transcribed files.

Pediatrics: This is a branch of medical science that deals with the kids (their illnesses, consultations, and diagnoses, to name a few). Unlike adults, kids don’t have a very strong stamina, so the transcribed files can assist you in coming up with the right diagnosis and treatment for the children before their illness gets worse.

Geriatrics: If a medical transcription service provider has geriatric services, it simply means that they cater to doctors who are taking care of seniors or individuals who are already in their old age. Their bodies can already be likened to children, since they are already fragile or vulnerable. The main objective is offering quality of life for the seniors, especially for those who are suffering from dementia, Parkinson’s disease, senility, and other mental and physical disorders. The medical transcription service providers therefore assist doctors by allowing them to focus more in creating customized treatment and health plans for their patients rather than in transcribing audio files.

Psychiatry: It’s not only medical doctors or nurses who make use of the medical transcription service. Even psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors are in need of them. The transcripts can be used as references for their treatment programs.

Corporate: What’s the connection between corporate transcription service and medical transcription service? Health care organizations may also require the need of medical transcription service providers for their reports, summaries, medical researches, billings, and other types of files. Some terms are very specific to the industry. Hence, the job cannot be easily passed on to companies that perform only general transcription services.

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