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6 Empowering Benefits of Medical Transcription Outsourcing

Medical transcription business is on the rise and so medical practitioners need to decide whether they wish to conduct medical transcription in-house or outsource it to an offshore location. In this article; we look at the various benefits that can be derived from outsourcing medical transcription services to an offshore medical transcription provider.

Medical transcription business has become quite popular. But doctors are so busy with their day-to-day schedule; it becomes very difficult for them to transcribe the documents at the time of patient visit. Hence; they outsource the medical transcription service to a third party. Let us look at some of the benefits of outsourcing medical transcription services:

  • Cost effective: The major reason for outsourcing medical transcription service is the cost benefit that can be derived from it. Offshore locations give tremendous opportunities to medical practitioners to get the transcription services done at a cheaper cost that is normally associated with US. Some of the additional benefits of outsourcing transcription services to off-shore locationare:
    • Lower per line cost
    • Lower direct labor costs
    • Lower costs in HR, administrative and training areas
    • Lower annual maintenance costs for maintenance of digital and transcription equipment
  • Exploits industry experience: Clients stand-out from the rest of transcription industrywith the help of experience gained by them. They have significant experience working on wide array of medical records like:
    • Operative Note
    • Discharge Summary
    • Progress Note
    • Emergency Room Procedure
  • Exploit time zone differences on offshore locations: The time zone difference between India and US gives an advantage to the clients to download, transcribe and transmit the documents overnight so that US medical practitioners get the transcribed document the following working day. This ensures fastest turnaround time in the industry.
  • High quality and accurate medical records: Medical transcription service providers adhere to globally standardized, HIPAA compliant medical transcription processand follow stringent multi-level QA procedures. The QA procedures include:
    • Editing
    • Proofreading
    • Reviewing of completed records

Medical transcription service providers ensure that quality of the transcribed documents is maintained. They also enforce penalties to those who do not adhere to the quality standards and turnaround times.

  • Reduced HR responsibility in Hiring, Training and Administration: Human Resources departments of healthcare facilities and hospitals can substantially reduce the time, resources and effort on hiring, training and maintaining medical transcription staff on their payroll. Medical transcription is required across all the departments and functionalities, 24 x 7 including on-call and emergency room procedures. Hence; if the transcription services are outsourced then the number of staff required for payroll processing, hiring and administrative responsibilities are reduced drastically.
  • No affect of seasonal fluctuations in staffing: U.S. medical transcription business is seriously affected by seasonal fluctuations. During winter patient consultations are on the rise and during holiday seasons such as Christmas and Thanksgiving; hospitals are largely understaffed. When the medical transcription services are outsourced to offshore locations, these seasonal fluctuations in staffing do not affect the business.

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