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Medical Transcription: Advantages of Outsourcing it From a Service Provider

When it concerns transcribing the medical records of a healthcare facility, there are several options in front to them. They could opt to go in for a transcription department or contract Independent contractors, or engage the services of an expert medical transcription company. Sometimes healthcare providers decide to have a mixture of all three.

However, outsourcing medical transcription needs on a total basis to a medical transcription company has a lot of benefits. Once the expertise of the service provider has been verified in terms of correctness, turnaround time, HIPAA compliance, technology and the pliability of services, there are many advantages to outsourcing the work

Given here are some of the benefits of outsourcing medical transcription:

Reducing time: By outsourcing, the administrative staff of the hospital as well the healthcare professionals can structure their limited time better to concentrate on the main business; that of providing healthcare.

Conserving resources: Outsourcing transcription liberates resources like technology, office space, working capital, management personnel etc. These resources can then be utilized for maximum benefit.

Savings on overhead: Having transcription in-house would require infrastructure like space, computers, power etc, which would have to be used to perform medical transcription. By outsourcing, outlay on this infrastructure could be saved.

Decreased efforts: A lot of inputs are needed from teams at every level, when transcription needs are executed in-house or through the use of independent contractors. Activities like hiring and training require a lot of effort. Outsourcing ensures that these efforts are used more productively.

Decreased strain on internal resources: Due to raising costs, declining percentage of payments, and constrained budgets, it has become increasingly challenging to manage internal resources. Outsourcing transcription lessens the burden on internal resources.

Leveraging from the knowledge of the provider: Outsourcing has the advantage of the hospital gaining from the skills of the service provider. The know-how and expertise of the service provider add to the other advantages of outsourcing.

High level of service: As more and more resources of the healthcare facility are liberated, the focus on delivering quality services would get better, thereby enhancing the quality of service.

Flexibility of choice: One of the major advantages of outsourcing medical transcription is the adjustability of services provided. The responsibility of having to arrange medical transcription services for varying influxes of patients, holiday transcription and weekend transcription needs is on the service provider.

Enhance shareholder value: With the decrease of expenses, gains are maximized thus enhancing shareholder value.

Streamlined and improved operations: With one of the vital contributors in the healthcare process being taken care of, the administration of the clinic is free to focus on other areas. This helps streamline and enhance operations.

Staying competitive: The ability to reduce expenses without affecting the quality and prompt delivery of patient records gives a competitive advantage to the healthcare facility.

Enhancement and expansion of services: With enormous cost cutting benefits and improvement in efficiency by outsourcing, the healthcare facility’s improvement and future plans become a reality.

Increase in cash flow: Medical transcription is the primary stage of the receivables cycle. Outsourcing ensures that the turnaround time is quicker, thus quickening the receivables cycle. This in turn improves the cash flow.

Apart from all the above long-term benefits, outsourcing transcription needs to a professional transcription company has benefits like quality services at fair prices, done by expert transcriptionists with a very prompt turnaround time executed through secure HIPAA and HITECH compliant channels, with very superior levels of accuracy and all this with technology that is advanced but simple in usage!

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Medical Transcription Service: Choose a Specialization

Perhaps one of the most successful, biggest, and most common transcription services is medical transcription service. An excellent explanation for this is the growth of the health care industry. For the past few years, more people find themselves in health care facilities, needing either outpatient or in-patient services or even both. They keep the doctors and other health care professionals extremely busy they no longer have the time to take care of menial tasks such as transcriptions of audio files.

But even the medical transcription service options are subdivided into different categories. After all, the health care field is extremely huge. The list we have is very limited, but they are the more typical ones you encounter (if you can’t find the medical transcription service you need in here, it’s best if you can ask your chosen provider):

Orthopedics: This is has something to do with the bones. A medical transcription service offering such should be composed of students who specialize in orthopedics. You may even coordinate with doctors who work as part-time transcriptionists. The main challenge in here is to know and understand the complex terms associated with their branch of science. Just to give you an idea of the dilemma, there are more than a hundred bones in the body.

Surgical: This medical transcription service covers all types of surgeries, including plastic surgery and general surgery. It is so important that the provider you’re working with can turn over the files the soonest time possible, preferably within hours after the audio has been given to them. This is because a lot of things can happen during and after surgeries. The transcripts may help you discover potential issues that may arise, such as possible internal bleeding or infection. You also need the transcripts to complement your reports and diagnoses. It would be difficult for you to give patients the right treatment, diagnosis, and prognosis without the transcribed files.

Pediatrics: This is a branch of medical science that deals with the kids (their illnesses, consultations, and diagnoses, to name a few). Unlike adults, kids don’t have a very strong stamina, so the transcribed files can assist you in coming up with the right diagnosis and treatment for the children before their illness gets worse.

Geriatrics: If a medical transcription service provider has geriatric services, it simply means that they cater to doctors who are taking care of seniors or individuals who are already in their old age. Their bodies can already be likened to children, since they are already fragile or vulnerable. The main objective is offering quality of life for the seniors, especially for those who are suffering from dementia, Parkinson’s disease, senility, and other mental and physical disorders. The medical transcription service providers therefore assist doctors by allowing them to focus more in creating customized treatment and health plans for their patients rather than in transcribing audio files.

Psychiatry: It’s not only medical doctors or nurses who make use of the medical transcription service. Even psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors are in need of them. The transcripts can be used as references for their treatment programs.

Corporate: What’s the connection between corporate transcription service and medical transcription service? Health care organizations may also require the need of medical transcription service providers for their reports, summaries, medical researches, billings, and other types of files. Some terms are very specific to the industry. Hence, the job cannot be easily passed on to companies that perform only general transcription services.

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Voice Transcription Software To Grow A Medical Transcription Business

Companies who are in the medical transcription industry may underestimate the importance of a powerful voice transcription software platform. Consider for a moment that almost every function of that business will be affected by and handled by that system and it is easy to see how important it is to select the right one. Trying to save money on a system that does not significantly improve the productivity of medical transcriptionists can end up being a waste of capital.

There are many ways that voice transcription software can improve the profitability of a medical transcription business. The equation for making money is fairly simple; revenue has to go up and expenses must go down. The right voice transcription software platform can help a company to do both of these things.

In terms of reducing costs, things that medical transcription companies can look for in a software platform are advantages like local dictation telephone numbers that reduce the telephone bill. If a provider of this software has local numbers that are based in major centers across the country, then long distance charges will be minimized. It may not seem like a large expense, but when all of the clients that are dictating into a system are doing so for long periods of time and frequently then it can add up quickly.

Because the systems are so technical, often it can be beyond the abilities of the medical transcription company to maintain the voice transcription software and the servers that it will run on. This should be handled by the provider, and a good one will offer the large amount of storage space required at a good price. It will also be able to commit to having technical support available when it is needed.

Upgrades to the voice transcription software can also be expensive. When a transcription company is looking to engage a software provider, they should inquire about what kind of future costs they will have to shoulder for system upgrades. It is also important to know that upgrades can be facilitated without the need to bring down the system.

Improving profitability also has to do with increased revenue. If a voice transcription software platform can allow every medical transcriptionist to produce more in the same amount of time then this will have an effect on the company’s fortunes. This means having the ability to review and edit the document quickly and it also requires a seamless distribution of the work to medical transcriptionists. When documents are complete, it should also incorporate an automated system that delivers the finished product to clients.

Companies should move very carefully when they are considering purchasing a voice transcription software platform. It touches every department of their business and ones that provide a complete system will reduce the administrative burden on a company. When much of the tedium that was present in the industry in past years is eliminated by advanced software platforms, companies can then focus on retaining good talent and acquiring new clients.

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Medical Transcription Poised For Bigger Things Ahead

By Arvind Kashyap

Ever since the beginning of medical services & procedures around the world, there was always a need for properly writing down medical procedures. It was an important thing, because it could be easily referred to whenever a patient’ treatment history was required. Hence, initially it started with Doctor’s assistants writing down treatment procedures for the future reference of the doctor. But these instructions which were purely in Medical terms needed to be elaborated for easy comprehension of others in the medical fraternity.

To address this problem, and help in creating a comprehensible treatment history of every patient, Medical Transcription was formally introduced. The task of a Medical Transcriptionist thus involved understanding the medical jargon written by the doctor’s assistant, and document the same in easily understandable language. Slowly, this practice became popular and with the advent of recording devices, it was completely transformed to a totally new level.

The recorded tapes could now be sent to Medical Transcription companies located at the farthest corners of the world, and they would document the tape and send it across through internet in just a matter of hours. With the increasing presence of internet, Medical Transcription Services have attained greater significance in developed countries across the world. Doctors practicing in US, Canada, Australia & Europe are hiring transcription Companies based in Developing countries for their transcription work.

Countries like India have seen a big rise in the number of Companies, because of abundant availability of educated labor, who are able to deliver highly accurate transcription work at fairly cheap rates. And this also is the prime reason behind outsourcing of Medical Transcription Services to India which is growing at a pretty healthy rate through the past few years.

Considering the fact that rising concern about quality health services is only going up all the time, the future does look quite bright for people working in the business of transcription in India. As more and more Doctors in the west queue-up for quality Transcription services, the Transcription companies in India are sure looking for a pretty busy and booming future ahead.

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