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Medical Transcription Companies Making Services Favorable

In today’s world the billing of various purposes is done in the non-traditional ways.

Printing and the soft copy forms are used rather than the old school ways of hand writing it. The same is applied with the medical services over the globe. The Medical Transcription is the way medical billing is providing fast, accurate and cut cost on medical transcription with higher security. The concept and benefits of medical transcription is well known to the medical industry. Major Medical Transcription companies like Med scripts India, Acroseas, Acusis provide the country with their services and have proved to be a blessing to the healthcare industry. According to your medical transcription requirement, these firms can help you in every stage of the transcription process – right from dictation capturing to the document distribution. A firm with long term experience would intend on providing dedicated medical transcription services to their clients, leaving no scope for complaints as the accuracy is the most important factor.

The medical Transcription in India has gained a huge importance over a period of time. Many companies have been rapidly set up to evolve this concept in the medical field. Our medical transcription India facility consists of more than 300 medical transcriptionists and editors. With the increase in demand for more accurate documentation of medical records, there is an increased trend for healthcare facilities to use medical transcription services from reliable firms. All healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, acute care facilities, individual practitioners and group practices can benefit from these medical transcription services.

Good quality medical transcription services are high in demand. Many companies in India provide medical transcription services at a very economical rate using latest web based software technology without compromising the quality of service. They are now increasingly providing fast and accurate services for official medical and professional industries also. Because of their promise of low costs and great convenience, many health care professionals and organizations are outsourcing their medical transcription services to these companies. The Medical services outsourcing is now proving to be a boon to Indian medical industry, in terms of cost-cutting and time saving.

Major benefits You Can Expect from Transcription Companies are:

  • They have very low operating costs
  • Causes increase in productivity and render smooth workflow
  • Have reduced time in turn-around
  • They keep a complete security about the transcription data
  • Saves on the need for an in-house transcription department which saves on the area infrastructure
  • They have very high level of accuracy and also cost-saving up to 60-70%
  • Saves on time and money

Medical Transcription Companies have a number of well trained, experienced and certified experts who handle the transcriptions efficiently. They understand the finer details of transcription and go through each and every project to make sure that there are no errors at all with the entire process. The firms are equipped with the most up-to-date technology and infrastructure. Workforce comprises skilled transcriptionists, editors, proofreaders and quality analysts. Transcription services are provided for various medical reports including cardiology reports, history and physical examination reports, x-ray reports, medical evaluation, patient discharge summaries and many more services.

The understanding between many countries has led to the constant development and acceptance of the medical transcription.

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Amplify EHR Efficiencies with Medical Transcription Services

With the widespread adoption of electronic health records (EHR) in the last few years, physicians have generally been presented with two options: modernize, or get left behind with old-fashioned paper medical records. However, with the implementation of EHRs, some physicians feel typing in a computer is not only inefficient, but also unfriendly to the practice of medicine.

While there are numerous advantages for using EHRs, they are often criticized for slowing down physicians and for removing the personal element from doctor-patient care. Physicians do not want to be typists. A physician serving as a typist, or using point-and-click entry in the EHR, can be grossly inefficient. Physicians do not have the extra time to function as a data-entry clerk for the EHR. Rather, they prefer to spend quality time with their patients.

Medical Transcription Services, when integrated with EHRs, make EHRs much more efficient. Instead of typing their notes, physicians dictate using their preferred dictation method and the transcribed note is returned directly to the EHR within the contracted turnaround time (TAT). Transcribed reports are customized to the needs of the EHR and the physician, so they are personalized notes — not cookie-cutter templates like many EHRs produce.

Transcription companies who employ discrete reportable transcription (DRT) can take the transcription-EHR relationship a step further by importing the transcribed information directly into specific fields or sections in the EHR. Gone are the days where transcribed reports become scanned attachments in the patient chart. Today, the transcribed information is incorporated directly into the medical record.

Medical transcription services make the use of EHRs more efficient, while preserving the personal element of doctor-patient interactions. In addition, transcription enables physicians to use EHRs and continue the workflow used today in their practice of medicine. Employing medical transcription services with EHRs benefits physicians and the patients they serve.

Is your EHR amplified with medical transcription?

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Medical transcription outsourcing: A sustainable model for creating patient medical records

A commonly acknowledged fact about the healthcare sector is that it is a complex service involving a series of healthcare related and other factors that enable the delivery of quality healthcare on a timely basis. Therefore most healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals focus on lessening the burden of factors other than the actual process of healthcare on healthcare professionals and support staff. Creating patient medical records is one such function. It is essential for not only timely and efficient delivery of care, but also for other aspects like receivables management, risk management and meeting statutory obligations but is not part of the core functions.

Healthcare professionals and other support staff have various options for creating patient medical records, but over time medical transcription has proven to be one of the most efficient methods of documenting the care process. Moreover medical transcription is one such function that lends itself to being outsourced. Outsourcing medical transcription to a professional medical transcription company has many advantages one of the main being the sustainability of this model.

How do outsourcing transcription services provide sustainable support to healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals?

To understand how medical transcription services provide a sustainable model for creating patient medical records it is important to understand the main components of quality medical transcription. Quality medical transcription is defined as accurate, timely, secure and cost effective transcription. The main requirements for quality medical transcription are:

• Team
• Technology
• Processes

By outsourcing medical transcription to a professional medical transcription company, the onus of all these three resources is shifted to the medical transcription service provider, lessening the burden of healthcare facilities. However the process of choosing the right medical transcription service provider needs to be based on the right criteria to ensure seamless services.

Given below are the criteria on which the medical transcription company needs to be evaluated:


• Sourcing: It is important to assess the service provider on the basis of their policy for sourcing and hiring the right talent. This needs to be continuous process to ensure that there is no dearth of medical transcriptionists to meet the changing needs of healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals.

• Developing: Once the right talent has been sourced it is important to provide these medical transcriptionists with the right training to ensure accurate and timely transcription. Considering that medicine is a vast subject with various specialties, it is important to train medical transcriptionists on different specialties based on their acumen to make them domain experts.

• Work allocation and continuous education: Apart from sourcing and developing the right talent it is important to allocate medical transcription work based on the specialty of medical transcriptionist team. It is also important to provide resources for medical transcriptionists to keep their knowledge updated.


• Maximum benefits: Considering the hectic work schedules of healthcare professionals it is important for medical transcription companies to use technology that provides maximum benefits. This should have options for collection of audio files as well as options for delivery of transcripts

• Easy to use: It is equally important for medical transcription companies to keep the technology as easy to use as possible to ease the burden on healthcare professionals and other support staff.

• Secure: Another aspect of the right technology includes providing security during the entire process of transcription

• Updated: Keeping in consideration the changing healthcare documentation scenario, medical transcription companies should constantly update technology and services to include the latest developments like HL7 interface, proofreading and editing services for speech recognition software transcription


• For quality: It is important to assess whether the medical transcription company subjects transcripts to multiple level quality checks to minimize errors
• For security: As protecting the confidentiality of patient information is both a legal and ethical responsibility it is important to source a medical transcription company who has processes in place to ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Medical transcription India giving boost to the allied health profession

For physicians and health care centres, here is some good news. In the recent years, medical transcription India has witnessed a significant growth giving a big boost to the allied health profession, legal, insurance and others including the revenue. The transcription services which moved to the online platform a few decades ago is helping professionals to work dedicatedly. Many estimates peg the business to be worth more than thousands of crores and are going to be huge.

Demand for medical and legal transcription services has also taken a leap in the few years. And with the growth, the medical transcription India has made its space successfully in the world as a quality data transcription services provider. The dictated recording are transcribed by a team of experts that comprises of medical transcriptionist, editors and proofreaders whose responsibilities are to ensure error free work and deliver it at prompt.

The experts undergo rigorous training hours so that they can transcribe clinic notes, audio and video recordings into text formats without losing the significance of the content. For quality work, many medical transcription India companies take the assistance of sophisticated software to deliver excellent work.

In varied professions, records have to be maintained as a lot many things are dependent on these records or data. In certain cases, detailed medical records become the base for processing insurance claims.

Across the nation, numerous medical transcription India companies have mushroomed that are catering the demands of the world with great professionalism. Most of the firms hold their own in house training sessions to train their employees.  They also hold English-speaking classes for their employees so that they understand their clients’ requirements and interact in a better way.

Confidentiality always remains the top priority of transcription services firm. To make certain, they use FTP while delivering their work.

Because of affordable rates and quality work, medical transcription India has remain successful to imprint the impression of professionalism in the global market that convinces them to outsource to India. There is also the impression that certified medical transcription companies helped the nation to multiply its revenue.

However, all medical transcription India companies retain their value but if you are trying to conclude your search for a professional data medical transcription services then browse the web and you can easily find many data transcription services firm. Always remember, ask for some sample work so that you can judge the professionalism and quality of work the firm provides.

So, medical transcription India reduces your efforts and helps health professionals work dedicatedly.

Why Medical Transcription Services are in High Demand

Medical transcription services are in high demand in a variety of healthcare settings. These services are in high demand mainly because:

  • They help speedy processing of patient insurance claims
  • They ensure accurate and detailed medical records which are of great importance in any healthcare setting
  • They can efficiently handle the growing volume of medical reports in hospitals, clinics, primary healthcare centers, acute care centers
  • They ensure that clients receive properly formatted, edited and reviewed documents

Most companies in the medical transcription field offer HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant transcription services. Reliable transcription services are available for operative reports, diagnostic imaging studies, laboratory summaries, x-ray reports, physical examination reports, patient histories, ER reports, clinic notes, referral letters, progress notes, psychiatric evaluations, physical examination reports, pathology reports and death summaries.

Convenient Dictation Options and Flexible File Formats

Leading transcription companies offer affordable and convenient dictation options – toll free number, digital recorders or computer based dictations. The voice-recorded files can be in any format including WMV, MPG, AVI, MOV, ASF, ASX, RM, SWF, DIC or extended audio formats such as WMA and MP.

Qualified Professionals to Handle the Rising Transcription Demands

To handle transcription services in various specialties–including pediatrics, gastroenterology, internal medicine, radiology, orthopedics, cardiology, chiropractic and podiatry–at 99% accuracy, these service providers have a team of skilled and experienced medical transcriptionists, quality analysts and proofreaders. They utilize the best combination of tools and techniques to output transcribed files in various formats (such as JPG, GIF, XML, PageMaker, XML, PDF, HTML, TIFF, FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, Word and Excel) through FTP or browser based 256 bit AES encryption protocol.

If you need medical transcription service for generating accurate transcripts, it is important to get the support of a dependable service provider.

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