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Healthcare, Online Medical Transcription and Medical Billing: What’s Involved?

Anyone who watches the evening news or picks up a national news magazine will recognize one thing to be true: Healthcare has become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States.

With such an explosion of the healthcare industry taking place, more and more people are embarking on careers in the healthcare system in two fields that have logically benefited from this growth: medical transcription and medical billing. These two fields compose vital organs of the medical industry body itself. To participate in such a necessary field will be both challenging and rewarding, as these fields continue to grow and evolve.

What exactly is medical transcription?

Medical transcription, also known as “MT,” is a healthcare profession which involves the converting voice-recorded reports as dictated by doctors and other healthcare professionals into text format. This is most often done on a PC, using a data entry program. Often this type of position can be done from home, widening its appeal to those with both financial needs and a need to remain at home due to family constraints. Likewise, taking the medical transcription courses online is a natural transition to working from home.

And what exactly is “medical billing”?

Medical billing has become one of the most popular careers in the nation. HMOs, PPOs, managed care, and private physicians need employees to process the claims forms and other paperwork associated with insurance plans, strictly adhering to procedural protocol between the insurance companies and the medical provider. As a result, the medical billing specialist must be detail-oriented, have a precise and detailed work style, and understand the complexities of insurance billing.

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