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The political healthcare week that was on Twitter

In a new Twitter record for politics, President Barack Obama’s Democratic National Convention speech spurred people around the world to Tweet at a rate of 52,757 per minute, tech blog Mashable reported.

In related news, Mashable noted, the $100,000-each Twitter trends Republicans and Democrats have been promoting — #RomneyRyan2012, #AreYouBetterOff, #16TrillionFail and #Forward2012 — haven’t really worked out for either of them. A lot of people using the hashtags have done so making arguments and commentary counter to their sponsored intent.

Editorial skepticism: It is somewhat hard to believe there are a lot of undecided voters on Twitter anyway.

In any event, on Twitter this week there was the usual partisan chest-thumping and also some interesting anecdotes from individuals about their company’s rising premiums and people day-tripping from Oklahoma to Mexico for prescriptions:

James Wolcott ?@JamesWolcott
“We’re building an America in which Walter White won’t have to become a meth cook because he lacks proper health care coverage.” #DNC2012

BikeWalkLee ?@BikeWalkLee
This bicycle bus at both conventions was the initiative of a health care company, with a goal of encouraging…

James JP Hawkins ?@jphawkins2009
Graph showing the dispicable lies told by obama & his minions regarding the future of healthcare under obamanocare:

Robert Faulhaber ?@rfaulhaber
CBO Fact Checks Clinton Claim Obama Controlled HealthcareCosts http://zite.to/RHltKx via @zite

Fred Pollack ?@FredPollack
If laughter is the best medicine, I’m surprised healthcare companies haven’t yet figured out a way to charge us a copay.

Kernel Wars ?@Kernelwars
Fox News Debunks Years Of Its Own Commentary By Accurately Reporting That Health Care Reform Reduces Deficit

Luke Russert ?@LukeRussert
Also significant: Very lite mention of healthcare reform and nothing on stimulus. 2 HUGE Obama legislative accomplishments avoided

David Limbaugh ?@DavidLimbaugh
No, the people most certainly did not endorse your health care plan — don’t try to foist that off on the American people.

David Swerdlick ?@Swerdlick
If you want healthcare passed, call Obama. If you want healthcare explained, call Clinton.

One public dollar invested in contraception saves $4 in Medicaid expenditures.http://bit.ly/OZgzb6

Lis Smith ?@Lis_Smith
The last time @MittRomney was on “Meet the Press”, he endorsed a federal individual health care mandatehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M9gGwW2gCs #flipflop

Brad Thor ?@BradThor
#Obama pledged that healthcare reform wouldn’t add a cent to the deficit, but #Obamacare will actlly have net cost of approx $1.2 trillion

Tabitha Hale ?@TabithaHale
“Freedom means keeping gov’t out of our most private affairs” unless we’re regulating your health care or forcing you to perform abortions.

Scott Rasmussen ?@RasmussenPoll
50% Favor Repeal of Health Care Law, 41% Opposed…http://tinyurl.com/33lscbm #healthcare

Chris Ward ?@christopherward
In other completely unrelated news, Murdoch has started up a new health care company. #reshuffle

Michael Graham ?@MGraham969
Remember as you listen to Rubio that next week you’ll hear US politicians PRAISING the Cuban health care system. #NaturalTruth#DNC

Mark Cherrington ?@MarkCherrington
Have no doubt if it wasn’t for Quebec, we’d have the death penalty and no universal health care system. Quebec the social conscience of CDN

Arthur Brooks ?@arthurbrooks
If we’re serious about health care reform, that means getting serious about health care cronyism.

Matt Yglesias ?@mattyglesias
The best thing Bill Clinton did last night was try to bring Medicaid into the policy debate:

Drew Armstrong ?@ArmstrongDrew
Bill taking some liberties with that health care cost inflation statistic. (Bad) economy was a large part of that.

James Young ?@welcomebrand
Bike highways in Denmark. Will pay for themselves in healthcaresavings in less than a year. Take note UK govt!

John S ?@gottahavej
Obama isn’t making sure YOU GET HEALTHCARE! He is selling HC insurance that DOESN’T PAY enough of the bill for doctors to accept. #rnc #dnc

Old Man Potter ?@HenryFPotter
Turned out empty chair did not raise my taxes. Well, of course not. It’s a chair. But when I wasn’t looking, it socialized health care.

Rebel Leader ?@UntiLimInCharge
#DNC: You guys r gonna decide health care for 300 million yet can’t decide if God should be in your platform? … #tcot #tlot #glbt #p2#gop

Buckley Brinkman ?@PBuckley
Healthcare is 18% of GNP. Up from 7.2% in 1970. Projected to be 40% in 2050. WOW! 40%!?! @WMEP_News

GS Elevator Gossip ?@GSElevator
Would Bill Clinton’s cosmetic surgery be covered under Obamacare?

The Hill Healthwatch ?@hillhealthwatch
Fact-checkers find few flaws in Clinton’s healthcare claims

cole thomas ?@coletrickle0
I love how they zoom in on the diseased looking people whenever they talk about healthcare. #DNC

Nicholas Halcomb ?@NHalcomb
#DNC you think Healthcare should be free? Ok, you go to school for 10-12 yrs and see what it’s like to not get paid for your service.

Amy ?@inspiredzone
Half my monthly take home pay goes to student loans. If I gethealthcare through my job, I lose another 1/4 of what’s left #DNC#Clinton

Bec ?@Brocklesnitch
My gf’s grandparents who live in Oklahoma make a fun day trip over the border to Mexico to get their prescriptions #dnc #healthcare

Domenick Cilea ?@dcilea
I question Clinton’s stats on healthcare costs; my company’s premiums went up 57 and 25 percent in the last two years. #dnc

jasonscottjones ?@jasonscottjones                                                                          Speaking of #healthcare #BillClinton is running a #clinic @ #DNC

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Medical Transcription Poised For Bigger Things Ahead

By Arvind Kashyap

Ever since the beginning of medical services & procedures around the world, there was always a need for properly writing down medical procedures. It was an important thing, because it could be easily referred to whenever a patient’ treatment history was required. Hence, initially it started with Doctor’s assistants writing down treatment procedures for the future reference of the doctor. But these instructions which were purely in Medical terms needed to be elaborated for easy comprehension of others in the medical fraternity.

To address this problem, and help in creating a comprehensible treatment history of every patient, Medical Transcription was formally introduced. The task of a Medical Transcriptionist thus involved understanding the medical jargon written by the doctor’s assistant, and document the same in easily understandable language. Slowly, this practice became popular and with the advent of recording devices, it was completely transformed to a totally new level.

The recorded tapes could now be sent to Medical Transcription companies located at the farthest corners of the world, and they would document the tape and send it across through internet in just a matter of hours. With the increasing presence of internet, Medical Transcription Services have attained greater significance in developed countries across the world. Doctors practicing in US, Canada, Australia & Europe are hiring transcription Companies based in Developing countries for their transcription work.

Countries like India have seen a big rise in the number of Companies, because of abundant availability of educated labor, who are able to deliver highly accurate transcription work at fairly cheap rates. And this also is the prime reason behind outsourcing of Medical Transcription Services to India which is growing at a pretty healthy rate through the past few years.

Considering the fact that rising concern about quality health services is only going up all the time, the future does look quite bright for people working in the business of transcription in India. As more and more Doctors in the west queue-up for quality Transcription services, the Transcription companies in India are sure looking for a pretty busy and booming future ahead.

Above article publish on http://ezinearticles.com/?Medical-Transcription-Poised-For-Bigger-Things-Ahead!&id=3957999

Association readies for EHR advocacy summit

The proven ability for medical transcription to facilitate accurate, cost-effective EHR adoption will be the key message brought by the members of the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) and the Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA) to federal legislators on Capitol Hill when the associations convene in Washington, DC, for their annual Advocacy Summit. With the HITECH Act, the Obama Administration’s high priority on nationwide EHR adoption has opened an opportunity for the transcription sector to educate the current Administration and Congress about the need for contemplative, prudent migration to the EHR – one that preserves the role of complex narrative and engages human intelligence in ensuring the accurate, secure capture of patient healthcare encounters.

The Advocacy Summit, being held June 3-4, 2009, in Washington, DC, will focus on the need for standards and regulations in EHR technology integration/adoption, the role of transcription in safeguarding protected health information (PHI), and the need for workforce development funding in healthcare documentation to ensure a knowledgeable, prepared next gen workforce that is capable of functioning in the quality assurance role the EHR will demand.

“Healthcare can ill afford a knee-jerk reaction to the EHR requirements of the HITECH Act,” states Peter Preziosi, PhD, CAE, AHDI/MTIA chief executive officer. “Successful EHR adoption and meaningful interoperability hinge on healthcare’s ability to set standards that promote efficient, cost-effective, quality-driven data capture solutions. The transcription sector is uniquely positioned to offer healthcare delivery the means to make that happen, and that’s what we’ll be sharing with this new Administration and the new Congress.”

The associations will take to the Hill their Transcription: Proven Accelerator to EHR Adoption whitepaper, which includes compelling statistics that demonstrate (a) the loss of income to physicians who integrate EMR/EHR technologies ineffectively, (b) the critical role of transcription technology solutions in facilitating better EHR adoption, (c) the value of solutions that create “rich, interrelated narratives” rather than cookie-cutter records, and (d) the irreplaceable role of a knowledge worker in data integrity management

Above article published on http://www.chiroeco.com/chiropractic/news/8027/865/Association-readies-for-EHR-advocacy-summit/