Medical Transcription Software – Everything You Need to Know

By Mike Smith Faraone

Medical transcription is a useful process of converting reports in the form of voice recordings into text format. The reports, usually dictated by healthcare professionals and physicians, contain basic, updated, and confidential data about a patient. The end products are called ‘report,’ ‘medical record,’ or ‘transcript.’ Such information comprises a patient’s medical history. Indeed, this has become an important and very promising industry. It is not surprising that different transcription software products have emerged.

For quite a while, medical reporting has been consuming so much time. The typical and conventional process of transcribing medical reports has become outdated. Usually, a report in text format could be attained in about a week at the fastest. However, many practitioners and patients are not contented about it. The introduction of medical transcription software has made it speedier for healthcare practitioners and transcribers to come up and produce reports in just a day or two. The accuracy is never compromised despite the accelerated speed, though. In fact, many rave about the absence of abbreviation and handwritten notes that are commonly found in conventional transcriptions.

The use of these software does not make dummies out of medical transcribers. Contrary to common and instant perceptions, these professionals are not deprived of their jobs. The software would not displace them. In fact, the computer programs are designed to aid them and make their jobs easier, more enduring, and more accurate. Many medical transcribing companies are raving about the fact that their medical transcription productivity is significantly bolstered once they invest in and use the transcribing software.

The use of these software requires certain traits and features in professional transcribers. For one, the professionals should demonstrate high-level skills in using and operating basic office computer and equipment. Most of such software products need to be learned and mastered before being used. That is why many transcription companies allocate ample time in teaching their transcribers use and operate specific transcription software. Some of such products may be too hard to initially understand and use, while others recognize this problem and have made their basic features easy to understand and use.

Of course, the use of medical transcription software does not set aside basic requirements in transcribing professionals. The transcribers must still be most knowledgeable about basic and advanced medical terminologies. They also must have strong memory and verbal communication skills; must be able to check, sort, and verify numerical figures accurately; must be able to follow written and verbal instructions; must have good typing skills; must know about correct grammar; and must apply practical punctuation and capitalization when writing. Some companies require professionals to have sufficient experience in the past about medical reports transcription.

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