Medical Transcription and Dictation Services

These days, medical transcription and dictation services are provided to various healthcare settings including clinics, nursing homes, hospitals, healthcare centers and long term acute care centers. Medical transcription is one of the IT related challenging services that require outstanding execution skill with professionalism.

Nature of Work

Medical transcription and dictation services comprise the conversion of a physician’s audio files into written transcripts. The process involves the following steps-

-Physicians dictate their notes into a digital recording device, which involves toll-free phone lines, PC dictation and handheld digital recorders
-Transfer of these voice recordings to transcribers via a file transfer protocol (FTP)
-Medical transcriptionist transcribes the audio files into text format
-Transcribed reports are sent back via browser based secure 256 bit AES encrypted file transfer protocol

Transcription Companies Offer Perfect Solutions

There are many transcription companies that offer medical transcription and dictation services to improve your overall efficiency and patient care. Based on customer requirements, they prepare chart notes, rehabilitation notes, radiography reports, radiology reports, history and physical reports, discharge summaries, progress reports, psychiatric evaluations, emergency notes and SOAP notes.

Medical transcription providers utilize advanced dictation and transcription systems, and meet all HIPAA regulations for electronic transmission of patient information.

Advantages of Medical Transcription and Dictation Services

-Competitive pricing
-Pragmatic and flexible approach
-Streamline information workflow
-Increase efficiency
-Secured access for authorized users to all transcribed reports
-Quick turnaround time
-High data accuracy and security
-Secured access for authorized users to all transcribed reports
-HL7-Based EMR integration capabilities

Approach a Competent Medical Transcription Firm

Find a reliable medical transcription company to benefit from high quality medical transcription and dictation services. While choosing such a service provider, consider the three most important factors – accuracy, turnaround time and security.

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