Electronic Medical Billing Software

By Thomas Goldman

Electronic medical billing software is now commonly used in the specialist field of medical billing. There are today a variety of custom-made software packages which provide this important function.

Use of specifically designed medical billing software has numerous advantages over using general purpose software for this function as the software is specifically created for the detailed and unusual needs of the profession. Of course, using electronic medical billing software is also a major advantage over doing the process on paper. Unfortunately many insurance companies still process the bills sent to them using a paper-based system, which leads to considerable delays, errors and other significant problems in the process.

Most software in this area will currently be compatible with the 2005 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) act which is a legal requirement for all medical billing processes.

Often other areas of useful and relevant functionality are added by these software packages, which might include finance handling and accounting, letter and report writing, scheduling of patients, and other relevant tasks for healthcare facility management. The fact that these different areas of functionality are integrated within one software environment can increase efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare business. Transcription can sometimes also be aided by software. Some of these software packages are designed so that the data can be manipulated using hand-held and portable devices away from the place of work.

Medical bills are sometimes sent via a clearing house rather than being sent directly from the healthcare facility to the company which provides the insurance. This practice of using specialist clearing houses can reduce errors, reduce the amount of rejected claims and speed up the payment process. Clearing house submission can be done by some electronic medical billing software.

Electronic medical billing software can even increase the amount of money the business receives from the insurance companies. The software does of course need to be compatible with the wide variety of different data formats used by different insurance companies. Online and in-person support for software is of course one vital area which needs to be handled effectively.

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