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Medical transcription outsourcing: A sustainable model for creating patient medical records

A commonly acknowledged fact about the healthcare sector is that it is a complex service involving a series of healthcare related and other factors that enable the delivery of quality healthcare on a timely basis. Therefore most healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals focus on lessening the burden of factors other than the actual process of healthcare on healthcare professionals and support staff. Creating patient medical records is one such function. It is essential for not only timely and efficient delivery of care, but also for other aspects like receivables management, risk management and meeting statutory obligations but is not part of the core functions.

Healthcare professionals and other support staff have various options for creating patient medical records, but over time medical transcription has proven to be one of the most efficient methods of documenting the care process. Moreover medical transcription is one such function that lends itself to being outsourced. Outsourcing medical transcription to a professional medical transcription company has many advantages one of the main being the sustainability of this model.

How do outsourcing transcription services provide sustainable support to healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals?

To understand how medical transcription services provide a sustainable model for creating patient medical records it is important to understand the main components of quality medical transcription. Quality medical transcription is defined as accurate, timely, secure and cost effective transcription. The main requirements for quality medical transcription are:

• Team
• Technology
• Processes

By outsourcing medical transcription to a professional medical transcription company, the onus of all these three resources is shifted to the medical transcription service provider, lessening the burden of healthcare facilities. However the process of choosing the right medical transcription service provider needs to be based on the right criteria to ensure seamless services.

Given below are the criteria on which the medical transcription company needs to be evaluated:


• Sourcing: It is important to assess the service provider on the basis of their policy for sourcing and hiring the right talent. This needs to be continuous process to ensure that there is no dearth of medical transcriptionists to meet the changing needs of healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals.

• Developing: Once the right talent has been sourced it is important to provide these medical transcriptionists with the right training to ensure accurate and timely transcription. Considering that medicine is a vast subject with various specialties, it is important to train medical transcriptionists on different specialties based on their acumen to make them domain experts.

• Work allocation and continuous education: Apart from sourcing and developing the right talent it is important to allocate medical transcription work based on the specialty of medical transcriptionist team. It is also important to provide resources for medical transcriptionists to keep their knowledge updated.


• Maximum benefits: Considering the hectic work schedules of healthcare professionals it is important for medical transcription companies to use technology that provides maximum benefits. This should have options for collection of audio files as well as options for delivery of transcripts

• Easy to use: It is equally important for medical transcription companies to keep the technology as easy to use as possible to ease the burden on healthcare professionals and other support staff.

• Secure: Another aspect of the right technology includes providing security during the entire process of transcription

• Updated: Keeping in consideration the changing healthcare documentation scenario, medical transcription companies should constantly update technology and services to include the latest developments like HL7 interface, proofreading and editing services for speech recognition software transcription


• For quality: It is important to assess whether the medical transcription company subjects transcripts to multiple level quality checks to minimize errors
• For security: As protecting the confidentiality of patient information is both a legal and ethical responsibility it is important to source a medical transcription company who has processes in place to ensure HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

TAT and Quality Guarantee or it’s FREE

Companies providing medical transcription must follow highest quality standards in their data services and a shorter TAT as doctors take life changing decisions based on their inputs. In a highly competitive environment, companies that are slack in quality control and do not provide very accurate data in a short time are bound to lose customers.

Medical transcription is an essential support service for the healthcare providers and provides important data backup for proper diagnosis and treatment of patients. Mediscribes is among the few medical transcription companies providing good quality and reasonably priced transcription services. They have a reputation for fast and accurate TAT that results in great savings of almost 30% for their customers. Most medical transcription companies’ use highly trained staff that can transcribe data using speech recognition, voice data recorders with 95% accuracy. Higher productivity among staff, adherence to quality standards set by industry bodies like Association for Healthcare Document Integrity (AHDI) and following processes as per Six Sigma quality standards ensures strict time discipline that is an essential requirement in the medical transcription industry.

While treating patients the doctor needs up to date patient records as regards current treatment and prognosis so that the line of treatment can be changed or corrected. In case medical transcription is not quick enough there will be lapses and the patient’s treatment will be delayed resulting in health complications and in some cases even a loss of life. Also the quality of data provided through Medical Transcription impacts the quantum of reimbursement for the doctor and hence has an impact on the insurance claims of the patient as well. Therefore in the light of increasing costs of healthcare, high quality data in medical transcription is important as it impacts stakeholders like accreditation bodies, health information managers and compliance agencies that have to check records before taking important financial decisions.

Therefore quick TAT is essential for medical transcription otherwise hospitals and doctors can terminate services of the medical transcription company resulting in a loss of business. So to avoid this company should invest in state of the art computers with the best quality software that can provide excellent medical transcription services in the shortest possible time.

The medical transcription software should be such that it is compatible with emerging technologies like smart phones and iPhones so that the doctor can get quick access to required data in the shortest possible time. This helps him take important decisions quickly based on proper and correct inputs provided by the Medical Transcription Companies. To ensure this the company must have periodic reviews of customer requirements and update its medical transcription software accordingly. It must train its staff regularly so that they are aware of the latest medical terminology and disease conditions and can process data accurately for the convenience of the doctor. Strictly following a quality management system ensures high productivity from each transcriptionist and results in the accurate data being delivered to the customers in a fixed time frame.

Therefore we at Mediscribes follow exacting quality standards and the shortest possible TAT with an accuracy of 98.5 % in medical transcription for ensuring greater customer satisfaction.

About Mediscribes

Mediscribes, Inc. is one of the fastest growing transcription & document management systems providers in United States, based in Metro Louisville. Mediscribes is an ISO 9000-2001 certified company, rendering cost-effective consolidated transcription solutions to major hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities in United States. Mediscribes is the most value-providing organization in the market today with a strong presence in America and offshore locations. The firm specializes in providing highly accurate transcription adhering to ADHI guidelines in unbeatable turnaround time with robust & proven document management system as its vantage point to its esteemed clientele.

Mediscribes provides end-to-end transcription solutions as its primary offering. For our customers, we focus on dictation systems, both ASP as well as enterprise level solutions, with the help of our most valued asset ezVoiceIntelligence (ezVI), providing specialty-specific qualitative transcription along with a “whole nine yards” document management system. Mediscribes specializes in EMR data integration as well. Our data dispatch department is highly proficient in integrating transcribed reports into any type of EMR. Healthcare facilities that do not have EMR get the option to use our web-based file monitoring interface called eTranscribe for global access to their data. eTranscribe has special features of E-signing, E-faxing, auto-printing, and user-friendly document search criteria.

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Outsourcing Transcription Helps Lawyers

Expert transcription services help legal professionals to delegate their documentation responsibilities and improve their efficiency profoundly. Outsourcing Transcription their chief documentation assignments let them to sort out and handle their paperwork in appropriate format, and reorganize their workflow. Outsourcing eases the staff of workload and lets transcription firms take care of it. Legal transcription entails preparing legal papers from archived files of various trials and hearings. Nearly all of the firms that provide legal-transcription deal with their patrons in a very competitive and timely manner. Some of the Legal Transcription Services currently offered take in verbatim transcription, correspondence transcription, legal letter transcription, court transcriptions, as well as wire tap transcription.

Having talked about what the services are all about, following are some its biggest advantages:

  • Help save a lot of time and efforts.
  • Help concentrate on core issues.
  • Helps deal with surfeits of legal files.
  • Excess paperwork is dealt with.
  • Expenditure on back office is lessened.
  • Breeds an Efficient Workforce.
  • Effective maintenance of records.
  • Expenditure in maintaining internal transcription is purged.

When experienced companies are entrusted with transcription duties, a firm can be rest assured of a range of benefits. The stand-out feature is that transcribed documents are prepared in user friendly electronic file format. At any point, a firm can retrieve all details regarding a particular hearing or trial.

At present, there are tons and tons of Legal Transcription companies. But when you turn to some of the best names in the business like the Bizscribes it is a different experience altogether. It is simply because they are one of the most experienced companies and offer you the best value. Here are some reasons why should rely on them:

  • All projects that Bizscribes undertakes are dictated by the location of transcription. You can be rest assured that we are right fit.
  • Their workforce is the most competent and acquiescent. The staff will understand your needs and come up with the best solution.
  • They will always standby our work. A good company will back all the guarantees it boasts of.
  • Their patrons have always been satisfied and returned back whenever required. You can go through the clients and testimonials on their website.

About Bizscribes Inc.
Bizscribes Transcription Service is a leading provider of quality and accurate business transcription services at affordable prices. Your transcription needs could include meetings, conferences, speeches, one-on-one interviews, board meetings, etc. Get accurate transcription within the timeframe that best suits your business transcription needs. We also transcribe board meetings and calls to analysts for quarterly and annual performance.
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Online legal transcription services benefit corporate legal departments

Online Legal Transcription Service benefit corporate legal departments. When you run a business non-core processes can often get in the way and take up valuable time. These responsibilities are now extensively outsourced by most large organizations and small and medium-sized companies too.

Legal compliance is important for any business

A major responsibility that businesses cannot avoid is legal compliance. Many issues arise from non-compliance. It is not easy to keep tabs on Federal and State regulations. At the same time, potential lawsuits from employees or customers are always a threat. So most corporate concerns maintain a legal department. Just as data and its transcription are needed for the smooth running of your business, your legal department would require this service too.

Legal transcription service online – fast and efficient

Online legal transcription is a quick and effective way to get your legal data transcribed quickly and accurately. The best option is to outsource your requirements to specialized legal transcription company.

  • Partnering with a reliable transcription company ensures a great deal of efficiency.
  • Your manpower and resources are left intact and can be devoted to core processes.
  • You also would not have to invest in the infrastructure, software and hardware to perform transcription.
  • Legal transcription services from reliable companies are available at cost-effective rates.

Convenience of online transcription service

The online transcription service is a very convenient form of data transcription where files can be dictated by clients through a digital dictation machine. He data can be transferred through secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software set up by the legal transcription company, which also provides the system requirements and software. The transcribed documents can be easily tracked through a document flow management.

Encryption-secured browser-based file transfer is also offered. An experienced company can provide customized or 24-hour turnaround times, though file size and audio quality are important considerations here.

Get your data transcribed on time

While prices vary based on the nature of the file transcribed, online legal transcription by a reliable company is accurate and prompt. Deadlines are never missed and a whole lot of systems are put in place for ensuring security throughout the process. One of the major reasons for the efficiency of the online legal transcription process is the team of trained and experienced transcriptionists, and legal and technical professionals that the legal transcription company employs.

So as you see, online legal transcription services benefit corporate legal departments by ensuring efficient documentation and freeing their valuable time and resources for core business tasks.

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Bizscribes – Your One Stop Shop for Transcription Services

Transcription may have started small but with the exponential growth of the industries, the transcription services also started expanding and growing. The arena of transcription services has undergone drastic changes and at the current time, there is a huge demand of good Business Transcription Services. Every industry is thriving on information and therefore the need for good transcription services has increased like never before. Bizscribes understand the importance information for its customers and therefore it has taken up the task of information feeding. It excels in providing the clients with different transcription services and thus renders valuable information to them.

Bizscribes is the one stop shop for Transcription Service because it serves its customers with a wide range of business transcription needs. Starting from board meetings, conferences and speeches to one-on-one interviews, the company supplies its customers with all sorts of transcribing solutions. Apart from providing solutions for business transcription needs, the company also specializes in providing transcription services in other areas like media transcription, legal transcription, academic and medical transcription.

Other strengthening factors of Bizscribes’ services which have contributed toward its high esteem are time and money. Transcription is not at all an easy task and the main reason behind it is the time factor. It is so because the turnaround time of Business Transcription is very short and hence it is important that the company must keep its resources well planned. Bizscribes makes sure that it is ready to encounter with all sorts of transcription challenge and deliver the results within the desired turnaround time of the customers. It makes sure that the clients do not have to compromise in the service levels and the results are delivered with utmost accuracy.

This one stop shop for transcription needs also provides dictation services and it has a wide range of dictation services which range from standard telephone to PC-based software to digital voice recorders. Now it even provides dictation solutions for Smartphone’s like iPhone and Blackberry. This customer-focused company has built its reputation for providing high-quality, comprehensive and cost-effective transcription services.

About Bizscribes Inc.

Bizscribes Transcription Service is a leading provider of quality and accurate business transcription services at affordable prices. Your transcription needs could include meetings, conferences, speeches, one-on-one interviews, board meetings, etc. Get accurate transcription within the timeframe that best suits your business transcription needs. We also transcribe board meetings and calls to analysts for quarterly and annual performance.

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