Accurate, Affordable Medical Transcription for Group Practices

By Rajeev Rajagopal

The healthcare industry is booming like never before. The substantial growth rate has triggered a massive response from BPO companies that offer accurate, affordable medical transcription for group practices. Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers strive to find the best transcription service providers in order to get quality service.

Physicians in group practices can’t often find time to manage the great inflow of patients and in addition to this, tight schedules and meetings hardly allow them any time off from work. Failure to manage their medical records properly would make patients lose faith in a medical practice and jeopardize its reputation. To employ staff for undertaking the work would not be practical owing to the huge expenses involved in terms of salary, employee benefits and other factors.

The practical approach to the problem lies in seeking the services of a reputable medical transcription company which would efficiently meet all the requirements regardless of the quantity of work the practice has. Most of the work is outsourced and therefore the cost of service tends to be considerably less. The practice could save as much as about 40%. In the long run, this would prove to be a great financial gain.

To provide accurate, affordable medical transcription for group practices outsourcing companies utilize the latest technology and software and complete the jobs entrusted within minimal turnabout time. Multilevel quality checks by quality analysts and verification of work by proofreaders ensure that transcription work is flawless.

HIPAA compliant companies take adequate safety and security measures. Encryption of data and transfer of files via FTP ensure dedicated and seamless connectivity. Last but not the least, round the clock customer/technical support addresses every issue to ensure customer satisfaction.

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