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The key to improving healthcare: It’s about the data

To conclude MSLGROUP Boston’s HIMSS15 video series, Senior Media and Content Strategist Don Fluckinger spoke with three clients about what they were showcasing at their booths, and what problems they solved en route to improving healthcare. While these vendors work across very diverse areas of healthcare IT spectrum, the one focus they have in common is working with data: Patient data, clinical reference data and data security.

EBSCO Health’s VP of Medical Product Management and Chief Content Officer Betsy Jones showcased the company’s new product DynaMed Plus™. Rebuilt from the ground up, this evidence-based clinical reference has a new taxonomy that speeds time to answer access to needed clinical data, a new interface to maximize efficiency on mobile devices at the point of care and much-expanded content. These new features add up to a clinical decision support tool that aids physicians in choosing the correct care paths for their patients.

Derek Gordon, general manager, health information and technology group at Healthline, spoke about the company’s Coding InSight application, which is built on its HealthData Engine, a data analytics platform that harnesses the power of structured and unstructured data. Coding InSight uses the HealthData Engine’s unique data mining capabilities to uncover missed or inaccurate codes from unstructured patient data, infers which correct codes should be applied, and closes those gaps prospectively and retrospectively in near-real time. This helps clinicians improve efficiency, reduce costs and accurately realize reimbursements, while optimizing risk scoring of patients and facilitating timely interventions for improved outcomes.

Stephen Cobb, senior security researcher at ESET, talked about the company’s strength as a global leader in proactive digital protection, offering anti-malware, encryption and authentication solutions. He advised healthcare organizations to be more suspicious about the kinds of abuse of their systems, both inside and outside the organization. He is seeing healthcare organizations trying to comply with standards, such as the HIPAA “omnibus” rule, which mandates new levels of security protection. But he warns organizations to have less of a “check-the-box” approach and be more proactive about creating a strong security infrastructure.

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