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Americans’ personal records increasingly digitized and routed through Asia

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MANILA – It started out as a Thanksgiving Day stomachache, a nagging pain that sharpened until it reverberated from California halfway around the world.

When the ache in her lower abdomen became excruciating, the young woman was rushed to a surgery center, where the doctor diagnosed a ruptured appendix.

The woman needed an operation—fast. But before the surgeon could wheel her into the operating theater, he had to find out whether the patient’s insurance company would pay. That meant paperwork: A report had to be dictated, typed up and submitted to her insurer for approval.

So while the woman waited in agony, her doctor dialed a toll-free number.

The instant he hung up a few minutes later, a digitized recording raced through fiber-optic cables on the Pacific Ocean seabed and into a computer server on the 17th floor of a Manila office tower, where medical school graduate Dinah Barrete was working the graveyard shift.

Headphones plugged in, she tapped a pedal to start the doctor’s voice file and began typing. Her transcription of his report was on its way to him via the Internet in 15 minutes, as quickly as if the work had been done just down the hall, but much less expensive.

In a startling illustration of the life-or-death decisions involving low-paid workers thousands of miles away, Americans’ most personal details move 24 hours a day as U.S. health-care providers outsource billions of lines of transcription work each year to Asia in a bid to cut the cost of medical bureaucracy.

From dictated summaries of checkups to complete recordings of surgeons’ conversations in operating theaters, foreign workers are transforming the digital audio files into the documents that tell Americans’ medical histories.

Most of the work is done for 10 to 15 cents a line in less than 24 hours. Audio files dispatched across the Internet are transcribed and the text is fired back to the U.S. to meet government demands for a shift to electronic medical records.

Before broadband connections made it easy to outsource office work, Americans typed out medical records.

Now thousands of low-paid workers in countries such as India, the Philippines and Pakistan work in offices that never close. Tapping feverishly at keyboards, Asian transcriptionists often strain to understand what American doctors have dictated through phone lines or into digital recorders.

Other typists work under similar pressure to transfer decades-old medical documents into computer files.

Outsourcing isn’t expected to harm job prospects for American transcriptionists because there is so much work to be done, said a report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. About 101,000 Americans were employed as medical transcriptionists in 2002, according to the bureau.

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How to Save Money Through Medical Transcription Outsourcing

  • Step1

Business owners can save money through medical transcription outsourcing because of the increased demands in this industry. Big hospitals are providing a lot of workload due to the increasing number of patients. Therefore, medical transcription outsourcing firms will be filled with jobs and workloads bringing a lot of income.

  • Step2

Investment in a medical transcription outsourcing firm is not costly because only few materials are needed. Basic office equipments are the only things needed and no other special necessary equipment unlike if you start other businesses that have complicated equipments.

  • Step3

For hospitals, a medical transcription outsourcing is really a cost effective way to have quality medical records with inexpensive labor fees. A lot of countries nowadays are into the business of medical transcription outsourcing. The quality provided is very good yet labor fees are also reasonable.

  • Step4

A lot of companies have started to establish medical outsourcing firms leading to a tight competition among these companies. For hospitals this is very beneficial because the greater the competition within a business, the lower the prices and expenses there will be.

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Affordable Medical Transcription Service

An increase in the demand for medical transcription has led to a corresponding increase in the number of service providers offering affordable medical transcription services. These medical transcription companies are a great help to individual physicians, outpatient clinics, group practitioners, hospitals and healthcare centers. They guarantee excellent transcription services with unique, reliable and complete solutions ranging from dictation capture to document distribution and storage.

High Accuracy Rates and Minimum Turnaround

Reputable medical transcription companies keep trained and experienced transcribers providing services to a number of specialties including orthopedics, gastroenterology, radiology, cardiology and more. One of the major advantages of medical transcription companies

is that they provide digitalized documentation service converting voice recorded files into text format. Ensuring perfect accuracy in transcription services, these companies maintain in-house proofreaders, quality analysts and editors to give clients three levels of quality assurance. Besides ensuring 99% accuracy rates, the recognized medical transcription companies complete all projects within minimum turnaround time.

Ensured Confidentiality and Privacy

Medical transcription companies are perfectly optimized with advanced technological devices to meet various demands of the healthcare industry. They use convenient dictation methods for a total medical transcription solution. Most of the companies offer web-based transcription service providing various advantages to the clients. In addition to this, medical transcription companies provide toll free numbers making it easy for physicians to convey dictations using telephones.

When planning to outsource your medical transcription jobs, it is important to verify whether the affordable medical transcription service is HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliant companies guarantee high confidentiality and privacy in their services following various rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Popular medical transcription companies provide affordable and secure medical transcription service using the latest document flow management software and advanced digital systems. Depending on the requirements of the clients they provide short term and long term services.

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Choosing a dictation service

Whether you need legal, medical, or general business transcription, the three most important factors to evaluate when choosing a dictation service are turnaround time, accuracy, and security.

Turnaround time
The standard dictation service offers 24 to 48 hour turnaround. Many also offer STAT service, which provides 1, 2, or 4 hour turnaround.

  • How does time of day impact the delivery schedule? If you submit your dictation at 8 pm for STAT transcription, will it get the immediate attention you need? Or will it be queued up until the following morning?
  • How do they backup their guarantee? If they return transcriptions late, do they give you a discount? Or not charge you for them?
  • Do different types of notes have different times?

Inaccurate transcriptions are worse than no transcriptions at all: serious mistakes can endanger patients’ well-being or jeopardize legal agreements. The dictation service you choose should employ transcriptionists with significant experience in your field, as well as quality assurance (QA) staffers to double check transcripts before they’re released.

For web-based communication, the industry standard for security is 128-bit SSL security. If the dictation service uses another method of communication, ask what steps they take to make sure it’s secure. Sending unencrypted files over regular email is not a secure method of transferring your audio files or the resulting transcription.

Physical security is important as well. Ask each dictation service you speak with what measures they take to ensure the security of your data at their locations: careful employee screening and tracking is essential.

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