Medical practitioners always have their hands full on satisfying the needs of their patients. Hence; it becomes very difficult for them to work on their medical transcription needs in-house. In order to balance their act, it is very important for medical practitioners to outsource their medical transcription needs to the best medical transcription company. Click here to learn about the requisite steps to be followed for selecting best medical transcription companies for medical transcription needs.

Medical Transcriptionist business is one of the viable options available in the market today. Although medical transcriptionist does not belong to the core activities of the medical practitioners still it is nonetheless a very important process to be followed by physicians and medical practitioners. Hence; it becomes very important for medical practitioners to consider medical transcription outsourcing as one of the most viable options currently available in the market. By outsourcing medical transcription services, medical practitioners can concentrate on their core activities i.e., treating the patients effectively and run a profitable medical practice.

Let us now look at the various steps required for selecting the best Medical Transcription Companies:

  • Market Research and Analysis of the selected transcription company: The first step for selecting one of the best Medical Transcription Company is to conduct a thorough market research of the company which you think is the right candidate for fulfilling your transcription companies. It includes tapping the resources, verifying the details of the organization and analyzing the details in a thorough professional manner.
  • Verifying tenure of the selected transcription company: It is highly essential for medical practitioners to verify the tenure of the selected company. This will help the medical practitioners to gauge the reliability aspect of the company. If it is a recently launched company with a relatively less experience it would be risky for the medical practitioners to transact with them. But if the selected transcription company has been around for a long duration; then it becomes a relatively easier decision to opt for that company.
  • Check references of existing customers of the selected transcription company: Medical practitioners need to check the references of existing customers of the selected transcription company. A transcription company with a lengthy clientele will give them an edge over other transcription companies.
  • Verify the billing mode of the selected transcription company: The next step is to verify the billing mode of the selected transcription company. Please note that good transcription companies bill their transcription services on the basis of number of lines transcribed. Generally a line consists of 65 characters. Another mode of charging the transcription services is through fixed price method based on number of words in the transcribed file.
  • Client Servicing services provided by the selected transcription company: Medical practitioners need to confirm whether the selected medical transcription company provides good client servicing services to the medical practitioners. Good medical transcription companies always take good care of their respective clients by providing toll-free client support representatives that can readily assist medical practitioners with specific concerns or problems.
  • Methods of delivering transcription needs of the selected transcription company: The next step is to determine the method of transcribing used by the selected transcription company. Good medical transcription companies always opt for online techniques for transcription needs. This helps the medical practitioners to have a real-time view of the transcribed documents through online medium.
  • Normal transcription delivery report of the selected transcription company:Medical Transcription companies provide delivery report of the transcription services to the medical practitioners. Please note that good medical transcription companies offer a maximum delivery report duration of less than 24 hours.
  • Delegation of transcription services to foreign countries by the selected transcription company: It is very important to verify whether the selected transcription company outsources their transcription services to foreign countries. This criterion is very important because if the selected transcription company delegates the transcription to a country which is not well versed with English language, the quality of the transcription will go down. It will also make the transcribed document risky for further review. This does not necessarily mean that the selected transcription company is bad as it outsources its transcription needs. But it can be the most important determining factor for selecting the transcription company.
  • Quality assurance processes provided by the selected transcription company: It is very important for the medical practitioners to determine the quality assurance processes followed by the selected transcription company. The precision of medical transcription is of utmost importance for the individual information and safety of the patients.
  • Criterion of pre-signed contract before initiating the transcription services: Medical transcription companies normally need an assistance agreement contract to be signed before starting the transcription process. These agreements need to signed and read properly so that there is no confusion in the latter part of the business. Normally it is better to clarify the details with the medical transcription companies before entering the contract to avoid any conflict or confusion.

It is very important to select a Medical Transcription Company which can provide requisite services desired by the medical practitioners in a very quick time. Quality is also of prime importance where medical transcription needs are concerned. A global medical transcription company recognizes the importance of the points mentioned above and delivers quality transcriptions in a very quick time.

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Mediscribes provides end-to-end transcription solutions as its primary offering. For our customers, we focus on dictation systems, both ASP as well as enterprise level solutions, with the help of our most valued asset ezVoiceIntelligence (ezVI), providing specialty-specific qualitative transcription along with a “whole nine yards” document management system. Mediscribes specializes in EMR data integration as well. Our data dispatch department is highly proficient in integrating transcribed reports into any type of EMR. Healthcare facilities that do not have EMR get the option to use our web-based file monitoring interface called eTranscribe for global access to their data. eTranscribe has special features of E-signing, E-faxing, auto-printing, and user-friendly document search criteria.

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